Firefox Team Looking for Artists

Sunday June 27th, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "The Firefox team is looking for talented artists to help expand our grassroots button campaign. We are looking to translate the buttons into other languages and create a handful of new buttons to widen our selection. Experienced artists will probably find it easy, especially as all the buttons will use the artwork designed by silverorange and no original artwork should be required. Please contact me (blake[AT-SIGN] if you are interested in helping. Thank you — we appreciate it!"

#12 'Artists" Eh.

by meanroy

Thursday July 1st, 2004 11:54 PM

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It looks to me me that the actual job is change some text. So whats the big deal?

Frankly I find the css based stuff a pain in the ass. But hey, Thats just me, what do I know.

*bitch I know if I dig around in some buried file somewhere I can change defaults that piss me off, cause I had to.. The question is why I should have to!

Default text ought to be readable. /*end bitch

Anyway, Oh jeeze, I checked it out. Ok css buttons, Wheres the button? No demo?