Firefox Team Looking for Artists

Sunday June 27th, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "The Firefox team is looking for talented artists to help expand our grassroots button campaign. We are looking to translate the buttons into other languages and create a handful of new buttons to widen our selection. Experienced artists will probably find it easy, especially as all the buttons will use the artwork designed by silverorange and no original artwork should be required. Please contact me (blake[AT-SIGN] if you are interested in helping. Thank you — we appreciate it!"

#1 More Buttons?

by allen

Sunday June 27th, 2004 11:31 AM

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I'm all for translating the buttons into more languages - but do we really need more button designs?

Check out the "button campaign" page linked above. Already there are too many disparate designs.

Then there's the multitude of taglines: "Web browsing redefined," "The browser, reloaded," (with and without the comma before ‘reloaded’ - really unprofessional) and "Take back the Web."

On top of that, the logo is screwed around with in the last few listed on the page as well.

We need a more unified marketing front - which means a standard button (and a series of derivatives that work better at smaller and larger sizes), standard usage of the logo (including the Firefox image and the colour of the Firefox text) and a standard tagline.

As it is, things just look too haphazard - and you want to make that situation worse?