New XPToolkit Milestone Plan

Wednesday April 14th, 1999

A new milestone plan is up for the cross-platform UI. Pane "grippies" aren't slated to be in 'til M7. Damn. I hope they also consider a "shadow" pane divider while resizing panes (the current practice in Communicator), instead of dynamically resizing all of the panes as you move the divider. Check out the Mail/News component in apprunner and compare it to the pane-dividers in Communicator to see what I mean.

#1 Re:New XPToolkit Milestone Plan

by basic <>

Wednesday April 14th, 1999 10:33 PM

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Maybe they can make "shadow" an option to speed up.

#2 Re:New XPToolkit Milestone Plan

by JavaTHut

Wednesday April 14th, 1999 11:26 PM

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Nah, too much bloated complexity; keep it simple and just run with the best option!

#3 Re:New XPToolkit Milestone Plan

by Damian Hickey <>

Thursday April 15th, 1999 2:52 AM

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Sorry, have to say I prefer the dynamic resizing panes as one moves the divider. It allows perfect positioning of the panes in one go as you can see the results as you do them. With a shadow one has move it several time to get a desired result.