Camino 0.8 Released

Wednesday June 23rd, 2004

Mike Pinkerton writes: "Camino version 0.8 was released tonight. In addition to performance, stability, and rendering improvements inherited from Mozilla 1.7, Camino 0.8 adds a Google Search bar in the toolbar; a more-compact download manager; an entirely rewritten bookmark system, capable of importing Safari, IE, and Mozilla bookmarks, with Rendezvous and Address Book integration and multi-level undo support; session history on back/forward buttons; greatly improved cookie management; and many more changes.

"Since the last release of Camino, the following upgrades have been made to the underlying Gecko engine, and are now available in Camino: incremental, type-ahead find in the content area, automatic size-to-fit for image images larger than the viewable content area and numerous performance and web page rendering enhancements, XSLT support, as well as a large number of bug-fixes."

Grab the release from the FTP site and check out the release notes for more information on what's new.

#30 Re: Re: Re: what ARE the differences, anyway?

by Gnu

Thursday June 24th, 2004 8:07 PM

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It's probably a mixed blessing that the final firefox 1.0 release under OS-X will be released some time after the other platforms; it's at least somewhat encouraging that they're taking the UI issues seriously enough to ensure everyone that they WILL be solved in the near future, yet not stall overall development on all platforms in the process.

I don't have access to MacOS anymore as I used to, but I'm planning on procuring some hardware again soon and I'd like some browser parity across all of the platforms I use at home. No middle-clicking? Yikes, that alone is enough to steer me clear for a while.

Is there any word on where Camino might go once the Firefox UI is mature?