We Need New Polls!

Tuesday April 13th, 1999

If you have any ideas for MozillaZine polls, please send them here. We're desperate! You'll get credit for any polls you submit that we use.

The poll question or main sentence should be as short as possible, and it can have a maximum of ten possible responses. Please try to keep those short, too.

Finally, please don't submit your poll ideas via the talkback for this news item.

#1 Re:We Need New Polls!

by blakdogg

Wednesday April 14th, 1999 11:34 PM

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How about some relevance ? 1. When do you think Mozilla will be released ? 2. Will Mozilla live up to its hype ? 3. How big will the released version of Mozilla be ? a 2M b 6M c 10M d 40M 4. What do you use while waiting for Mozilla ?