Former Netscape Product Manager Rafael Ebron Contracted by Mozilla Foundation

Sunday June 20th, 2004

Former Netscape employee Rafael Ebron has joined the Mozilla Foundation as a contractor. Rafael will be helping with the marketing for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, using his previous experience as the product manager for several Netscape 7.x releases.

#8 Not an Oxymoron

by gids

Monday June 21st, 2004 8:57 AM

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I don't think open-source and marketing are oxymoronic. How are people meant to switch to Mozilla if they don't know about it? It's important people are made aware of Firefox otherwise they simply don't know they have a choice. So I guess it's terrible that IBM put Linux ads on TV, how dare they market open source ideas?!?

It's not unlike the government advertising pension credits. Even though they are freely avaliable if people don't know about them they won't take advantage.