Former Netscape Product Manager Rafael Ebron Contracted by Mozilla Foundation

Sunday June 20th, 2004

Former Netscape employee Rafael Ebron has joined the Mozilla Foundation as a contractor. Rafael will be helping with the marketing for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, using his previous experience as the product manager for several Netscape 7.x releases.

#3 Perfect timing

by permanentE

Monday June 21st, 2004 1:47 AM

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I think this is a perfect time to get serious about marketing. If you look closely at the latest Google zeitgest graph, <> you can see a definite uptick in Mozilla usage in the last couple of months. Firefox 1.0 could provide a real boost if marketed right. Can you imagine how much better the web would be if mozilla had, let's say, 20% share? Can you imagine if WebForms 2.0 convinced some websites to require Firefox and MS would be forced to play catch up and actually improve their CSS compliance? I can dream can't I?

I do have a reservation that would hire a Netscape guy, Netscape made some really dumb marketing decisions, though the 7.x problems weren't nearly as bad as the 6.x disasters. Hopefully that was all bad AOL influence and Mr. Ebron will do us all proud. Welcome aboard!