Former Netscape Product Manager Rafael Ebron Contracted by Mozilla Foundation

Sunday June 20th, 2004

Former Netscape employee Rafael Ebron has joined the Mozilla Foundation as a contractor. Rafael will be helping with the marketing for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, using his previous experience as the product manager for several Netscape 7.x releases.

#23 Re: Screwed up-How?

by f_cassia <>

Friday June 25th, 2004 6:58 AM

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I agree with you PKB... the Suite should continue to be enhanced/developed. Some of us don't like the dumbed-down UI in Firefox, and prefer to have an integrated suite.

At a time when Microsoft is talking about "Office System" and making the e-mail program part of the "Office suite" it's silly and dumb for the Mozilla Foundation to embark in a "war to create the smallest browser" with Opera.

Because you if you add up the size of Firefox, and Thunderbird, and add NVU and you get... the same size as the Mozilla Suite! (if not larger).

Like I said it in my article:

Mozilla 1.7 Suite: A Role Model Against Browser Anorexia <>

...some in the Foundation wish the Suite would just go away... yet for their horror, users keep downloading and using it, which makes them quite mad... when reality doesn't fit their wishes.

Just my $0.02 Fernando