Former Netscape Product Manager Rafael Ebron Contracted by Mozilla Foundation

Sunday June 20th, 2004

Former Netscape employee Rafael Ebron has joined the Mozilla Foundation as a contractor. Rafael will be helping with the marketing for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, using his previous experience as the product manager for several Netscape 7.x releases.

#22 Re: How will Mozilla be managed?

by slxception

Thursday June 24th, 2004 2:55 AM

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The best form of marketing doesn't come from any marketing source, but as in the form of word-of-mouth. However, that only works so far. Eventually you'll hit people that are either too stubborn, skeptical, or unknowledgable to switch. That's where marketing can take some effect. Of course, you're not going to win the entire population to use Firefox (without doing things illegally), but if it encourages more people to actually use Firefox, then it's a good sign.