Former Netscape Product Manager Rafael Ebron Contracted by Mozilla Foundation

Sunday June 20th, 2004

Former Netscape employee Rafael Ebron has joined the Mozilla Foundation as a contractor. Rafael will be helping with the marketing for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, using his previous experience as the product manager for several Netscape 7.x releases.

#19 So you say...

by durbacher

Tuesday June 22nd, 2004 9:30 AM

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"Well, if you've used Firefox recently, you know that it is finally a legimitate day-to-day browser option."

No doubt.

"You've perhaps noticed the up-tick in Gecko-based browser usage. This 100% the result of unbundling it from the suite."

Says who? You? And why is Gecko usage rising all the time for years already?

"The importance of focus cannot be over-stated. You don't get it and neither has Mozilla until about a year ago."

Ah, but you got it? It sounds a bit narrow-minded when you don't acknowledge that there are people who use all the suite's components and are far better off (wrt resources usage, overall speed etc.) using the suite. And for some people it's not even too difficult to use the suite's oh-so-horrible UI.