MozillaZine Reviews Mozilla Thunderbird

Friday June 18th, 2004 is running an article about Mozilla Thunderbird, following on from their earlier piece about Mozilla Firefox (covered by MozillaZine last month). The review examines Thunderbird's user interface, its junk mail controls and the range of extensions available. It also runs through the standard features, including multiple account support, message filtering and the spell checker.

Update: A comment about the quality of English in the linked review has been removed from this article.

#36 Re: At risk of making an on-topic comment

by AlexBishop <>

Wednesday June 23rd, 2004 5:18 AM

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"Can someone who s more familiar with virtual folders explain how different they are from the 'views' feature of thunderbird."

A virtual folder is usually a folder that contains search results. For example, say you have two real folders - a Mum folder for messages from your mum and a Dad folder for messages from your dad. You could have a virtual folder called Mum Dad Visit that contains every message from either your mum or your dad with "visit" in the subject. It would really be a search along the lines of "(Message in folder Mum OR message in folder Dad) AND subject contains 'visit'."

"I also assume (but maybe I'm wrong) that the main inbox only shows mail not in one of the virtual folders."

Usually, the inbox would show everything. A virtual folder is really just a saved search that leaves the original items alone.

"I also assume that some tangential features make this functionality more useful e.g. the ability to assign an arbitary number of labels to a piece of mail."

Features like views or labels generally restrict you to working within your existing folders. Virtual folders transcend this.