MozillaZine Reviews Mozilla Thunderbird

Friday June 18th, 2004 is running an article about Mozilla Thunderbird, following on from their earlier piece about Mozilla Firefox (covered by MozillaZine last month). The review examines Thunderbird's user interface, its junk mail controls and the range of extensions available. It also runs through the standard features, including multiple account support, message filtering and the spell checker.

Update: A comment about the quality of English in the linked review has been removed from this article.

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by a1pha

Monday June 21st, 2004 10:21 AM

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Sorry for sounding pissy, but be fair. The point of advocacy is to bring in all elements together - as the article stood it was at best snobbish, and at worst portrayed an element of elitism. Great as MZ is, and I do read the site regularly, the success of Mozilla and its offshoots is directly related to its users. Deliberately antagonising pro-Mozilla elements is not the way to advocate the project, and only seeks to reinforce the opinion's of those who seek to oppose Mozilla by claiming its proponents are nothing more then zealots.

Besides the issue is :- if that is how we treat our friends, why be friends with us?