Proposals for Incorporating Machine Learning in Mozilla Firefox

Friday June 18th, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "I will be doing research this summer at Stanford with Professor Andrew Ng about how we can incorporate machine learning into Firefox. We're looking for ideas that will make Firefox 2.0 blow every other browser out of the water. People who come up with the best 3-5 ideas win Gmail accounts, and if we implement your idea you'll be acknowledged in both our paper and in Firefox credits. Your idea will also be appreciated by the millions of people who use Firefox :-). We'll also entertain Thunderbird proposals."

#6 URL guessing

by Catfish_Man

Friday June 18th, 2004 11:16 PM

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Is there any way of editing these posts? I feel like I'm spamming.

Anyway, feature idea: a URL bar that corrects mistyped URLs. As an example, mozillazine.ogr is definitely wrong, and in a fairly easy to figure out way. is harder, but still might be possible using some combination of checking if it exists, and user's past browsing habits (i.e. if they've hit 50,000 times and 0 times, they probably aren't going to Similarly, perhaps if the server returned a 404 page it could trigger the browser to try some other variants. Unfortunately I can see how parts of this would get amazingly annoying if implemented improperly (and there may be no good way of doing it).