Proposals for Incorporating Machine Learning in Mozilla Firefox

Friday June 18th, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "I will be doing research this summer at Stanford with Professor Andrew Ng about how we can incorporate machine learning into Firefox. We're looking for ideas that will make Firefox 2.0 blow every other browser out of the water. People who come up with the best 3-5 ideas win Gmail accounts, and if we implement your idea you'll be acknowledged in both our paper and in Firefox credits. Your idea will also be appreciated by the millions of people who use Firefox :-). We'll also entertain Thunderbird proposals."

#31 Three suggestions

by RazorX

Saturday June 19th, 2004 7:09 PM

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Here are a couple suggestions to incorporate in Mozilla Firefox future version, which IMHO will be helpful. A) Add a total privacy mode. Acceptno cookies, keep no websites in the history, no cache, etc. This is perfect for paranoid people or public internet browsing. B) Add a kiosk viewer thing. What I mean is that Firefox has the option of serving the curent webpage that its viewing on a certain port, another computer can view the Firefox session as it goes a long. Perfect for web presentations, making friends watch you play an internet game, or the like. C) Certain popups or just new windows which you request make a window appear with no address bar, nav bar, etc. Add an option to display that in the standard Firefox right-click menu. Well..... those were my two bits.