Proposals for Incorporating Machine Learning in Mozilla Firefox

Friday June 18th, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "I will be doing research this summer at Stanford with Professor Andrew Ng about how we can incorporate machine learning into Firefox. We're looking for ideas that will make Firefox 2.0 blow every other browser out of the water. People who come up with the best 3-5 ideas win Gmail accounts, and if we implement your idea you'll be acknowledged in both our paper and in Firefox credits. Your idea will also be appreciated by the millions of people who use Firefox :-). We'll also entertain Thunderbird proposals."

#17 Suggestions...

by WillyWonka

Saturday June 19th, 2004 9:42 AM

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I'm thinking this could best be utilized in the bookmarks. Create a list of the most visited/least visited sites in your bookmarks.

Do the same thing based on your history. Sometimes you don't bookmark sites that you visit regularly.

Have it automatically sort your bookmarks into groups. These X pages are similar in topic to one another - group them.

Have the browser learn which topics you're interested in and then find similar pages on google by having the computer try to piece together search queries which it thinks would be good. I'm thinking you might have to train the browser for this one though.

Have it learn which features you haven't been using and then display a list with information on what they do and how to access them. Sort of like a tip of the day. This could be useful for showing people who are afraid of using the computer what useful features they aren't using.

Look at the extensions they have installed and then suggest similar ones that they might be interested in. If the person has a lot of web developer related extensions and a new one comes out, tell them about it. The same could possibly be done for themes and plugins. This should probably be run when the user clicks the check for updates button.

I'm done for now :)