Nokia Funding Minimo

Friday June 18th, 2004

CNET is reporting that Nokia is funding Minimo. The Minimo project aims to build a version of Mozilla that can run on small devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. Nokia began funding development last year but has not yet shipped any Minimo-powered phones, with most of the company's lineup currently using Opera's smartphone browser.

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by mr_magoo

Friday June 18th, 2004 6:41 AM

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This isn't really about 'full disclosure' from the mozilla group - its about a nice bit of publicity! Undoubtedly, now c|net have covered this it will be mirrored over the web, but if there had been a press release people might have started a bit earlier and further boosted interest in the project. Equally, they might have began talking about how a nice cash boosh from nokia proves further that Mozilla isn't an open-source failure (not that we thought that anyway).