Scott Collins Interview at Ars Technica

Wednesday June 16th, 2004

jorge castro writes in: "Ars Technica happened to run into Mozilla Foundation member and driver, Scott Collins at this year's Penguicon. Scott was kind enough to sit down with Ars and reveal a good amount of history of the Mozilla project', as well as look back to the Netscape days and comment on the direction of the Mozilla Foundation."

#8 If I had a time machine...

by thelem

Thursday June 17th, 2004 9:13 AM

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Then I'd make sure Mozilla had a different user agent, something like Gecko/1.7 (...)

Think about it, back then there were loads of scripts on the net which looked for Netscape 4, and served it one page, and anything else they served another page. By telling them we were Netscape 5, we were given the Netscape 4 page.

We would still have been given Netscape 4 pages sometimes, but more often we would have been given the IE pages.

The advantages this would have now are: * Mozilla would have a greater market share because it worked on more sites back then. * The UA now would be easier to understand. (IIRC the current one says "I'm a browser which is compatible with a browser which is compatible with Netscape"), leading to better reporting of browser share * No one would be wondering why there were people using Netscape 5 visiting their site.