Scott Collins Interview at Ars Technica

Wednesday June 16th, 2004

jorge castro writes in: "Ars Technica happened to run into Mozilla Foundation member and driver, Scott Collins at this year's Penguicon. Scott was kind enough to sit down with Ars and reveal a good amount of history of the Mozilla project', as well as look back to the Netscape days and comment on the direction of the Mozilla Foundation."

#5 If I had a time machine...

by buff

Wednesday June 16th, 2004 5:44 PM

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If I had a time machine I would persuade the old Nescape executives to release version 5.0 of the old code base and see what happens. I know, I know, most of the engineers claim it was junk. Possibly it could have held of Microsoft longer and allowed more time for the new Mozilla 6.0 browser to come out.