Lockergnome: Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer

Wednesday June 16th, 2004

Chris Pirillo wrote in to tell us about a new article on Lockergnome entitled Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer: "The time has come to dump Internet Explorer. I know, I know — you may have heard the same thing before from those that think it's cool to hate Microsoft; but I'm not one of those guys. I'm actually an MCSE and I happen to like quite a few of Microsoft's products. Rather than lump me into the Microsoft-basher category, consider for a moment why you use the browser you use, and humor me by entertaining the notion — if even for a second — that switching to another might be worth your while..."

#37 I couldn't agree more

by antistatic <>

Thursday July 1st, 2004 6:06 AM

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Indeed windows 2k and the following are the most efficient desktop OS-es, while *nix and the like are THE server OS-es. I reapeatedly tried to switch to a desktop environment based on linux (be it KDE or Gnome). Too slow, too buggy, to bloated. There is no viable linux alternative (in terms of both production time and real efficency) for Photoshop/Autocad/3ds max. That is ground zero, without them, any desktop is useless to me. This goes the other way around, without high responsive security and easy configuration, a a server is useless to me. So, it's simple win2k, xp, 2k3 are desktops, linuces and *nices are servers.