Lockergnome: Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer

Wednesday June 16th, 2004

Chris Pirillo wrote in to tell us about a new article on Lockergnome entitled Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer: "The time has come to dump Internet Explorer. I know, I know — you may have heard the same thing before from those that think it's cool to hate Microsoft; but I'm not one of those guys. I'm actually an MCSE and I happen to like quite a few of Microsoft's products. Rather than lump me into the Microsoft-basher category, consider for a moment why you use the browser you use, and humor me by entertaining the notion — if even for a second — that switching to another might be worth your while..."

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by mlefevre

Thursday June 17th, 2004 7:04 AM

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You make it sound like an easy thing to do. Microsoft has far more resources available than Mozilla. Suppose Mozilla prioritised IE-compatibility - other Mozilla/Firefox development would grind to a half for a year or so. Then, mid-2005, we have a browser that's nearly compatible with IE6 (you're never going to get 100%). Then Microsoft comes up with Longhorn and moves the goal posts (as you say, this is obviously something they'll do), and Mozilla spends another couple of years trying to get compatibility with that. Result is that Mozilla ends up chasing Microsoft - always being a while behind, and never 100% compatible.

To have any chance of being a successful strategy, Mozilla would need to achieve that 99% compatibility with IE 6 _at the same time_ as moving forward with their own stuff and standards. AIUI, the programming involved uses pretty different concepts, so you're not going to benefit from much sharing of work - the IE stuff would be a pretty much separate "IE-mode". Mozilla is working on a budget of a couple of million over multiple years, plus some voluntary contributions, while Microsoft has billions to throw around - trying to mirror their development and do more on top is never going to work.