Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 Released

Wednesday June 16th, 2004

Scott MacGregor writes "The Mozilla Foundation released Thunderbird 0.7 today. New features include a smaller download size, significant performance improvements on all platforms, a new themes and extensions manager, and many bug fixes and other improvements. More on what's new can be found in the Mozilla Foundation's press release.

"Thunderbird now has promotional website banner images and a signature campaign which users can leverage to help spread the Thunderbird word. Read More."

"Builds are currently available from the Thunderbird releases page, along with the current set of Release Notes, or directly from the 0.7 directory on"

#3 Reorganize those preferences panels

by kepardue

Wednesday June 16th, 2004 12:49 PM

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I think thunderbird could use some addressing of how its user interfaces are laid out. It seems a bit confusing to have a "Composition" option in the Accounts section, AND in the Options panel. They shoudl somehow be consolidated. I could see how a new user would have tons of trouble trying to figure out how to change the default font on their emails (obscurely placed under HTML options--some novices may not even know what HTML means--they might think it has something to do with webpages), and immediately have to look in a completely different location to figure out how to make their messages appear above the reply as opposed to below the reply. Not that I'm indicating that these should be account-for-account settings, but I think this could use some major reorganization.