Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 Released

Wednesday June 16th, 2004

Scott MacGregor writes "The Mozilla Foundation released Thunderbird 0.7 today. New features include a smaller download size, significant performance improvements on all platforms, a new themes and extensions manager, and many bug fixes and other improvements. More on what's new can be found in the Mozilla Foundation's press release.

"Thunderbird now has promotional website banner images and a signature campaign which users can leverage to help spread the Thunderbird word. Read More."

"Builds are currently available from the Thunderbird releases page, along with the current set of Release Notes, or directly from the 0.7 directory on"

#29 Press release

by redmars

Thursday June 17th, 2004 4:30 AM

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"hunderbird makes e-mailing safer, faster and easier than ever before with the industry's best implementations of features such as intelligent spam filters, a built-in spell checker, extension support, and much more."

Err, sorry I enjoy using Thunderbird a lot, but that's just BS. Thunderbird's spam filters aren't bad, but their accuracy still isn't quite on par with SpamAssassin. And the built-in spell checker is a joke, at least for German mail: it doesn't recognize composed words and sticking a lot of words together without any space in between is a favourite activity of German writers. I guess other languages have their problems as well.

MS Office OTOH has an excellent spell checker that doesn't have such problems.