Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 Released

Wednesday June 16th, 2004

Scott MacGregor writes "The Mozilla Foundation released Thunderbird 0.7 today. New features include a smaller download size, significant performance improvements on all platforms, a new themes and extensions manager, and many bug fixes and other improvements. More on what's new can be found in the Mozilla Foundation's press release.

"Thunderbird now has promotional website banner images and a signature campaign which users can leverage to help spread the Thunderbird word. Read More."

"Builds are currently available from the Thunderbird releases page, along with the current set of Release Notes, or directly from the 0.7 directory on"

#28 Re: Re: Re: I'm convinced, but

by Smigit

Thursday June 17th, 2004 2:59 AM

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same here. However i think it should open the default IM client you have selected in the program defaults. Evenb better you should be able to select a different default cliet per person/list in the address book because i dont have ANYONE on AIM and I myself only have it for the sake of having it. Many ppl wont have it installed, and since not all my ppl on my contact list uses the same IM client its a bit pointless to load it by default. Hopefully itll change, itll be great to be able to click IM and itl load a IM client based on a setting for that user.

I suppose this is a legacy to the netscape ownership and AOL's ownership of netscape?