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Tuesday April 13th, 1999

Is Mozilla dead? Is the Open Source movement a failure? From reading the mainstream computer press recently, and from listening to Jamie Z., you might get that impression. However, I believe the truth is quite different than what we've been led to believe. Click "Full Article" below to read more.

#10 Keep up the good work!

by Adam Masri <>

Friday April 16th, 1999 8:28 PM

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Mozilla developers and Netscape engineers, keep up the good work! We've all been watching the progress of the new engine, and we're all very excited about the work you guys are doing. I believe a whole new class of Internet-based applications are going to sprout from the work you're doing.

Don't listen to CNET. They're just selling news. They get off on pissing you off, hoping one of you will talk to them, because then they can write a new news story. (See the article(s) on J.Z.)

Don't play into "bigger number" syndrome. Just because Microsoft has a bigger number than you do right now means nothing. Worry about the project. This isn't a pissing contest. I'd rather have a better 5.0 browser than a crappy 6.0 one. Make your OWN schedule.

And most importantly, remember that it took years for the other open source efforts to take off. One of the important points in The Cathedral And The Bazaar is that developers don't come to help because you dumped a bunch of source code out there, they help because they "get something personal out of it." They can also quickly see their modification integrated into the final project. This will only come when Moz 5.0 is completed. That's when developers around the world will see something tangible and get excited.

I honestly believe that after the first version, people will understand the importance of what you've done, and of Netscape's decision to open source the project. I honestly believe that The Mozilla Project could well become one of the most important developments of the 20th Century. And no, I don't think that is hyperbole.

Microsoft and its legions will continue to dismiss your work. Don't listen to them. You WILL have the last laugh.

Adam Masri President Nolex