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Monday April 12th, 1999

The Industry Standard has done a piece on commercial companies and Open Source.

There are a number of factual discrepancies that I believe should be cleared up. The author, Jason Krause, states, "In fact, if you go to Netscape's site and do a search to see who's checked out code in recent months, every one of the e-mail addresses come from a domain." If he really means "checked out", then this is just false. First, how did he get a list of people who have checked out Mozilla code? Second, I have checked out Mozilla code via CVS, and I don't have a email. If he meant "checked in", then this is false as well. There are numerous coders who don't work for Netscape who have checked in new code, and many more who have contributed patches that have been checked in by module owners.

He goes on: "Now, largely because of a confused Netscape road map, the launch is slated for this spring." Well, the roadmap is not confused, and the release is not slated for this spring. Beta is scheduled for July of this year.

Jason had contacted me for information regarding Mozilla's Open Source release. If you are interested in reading my responses, click "Full Article" below.

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by _Dan

Monday April 12th, 1999 8:51 PM

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Now I'm not some anti-Microfsoft avangilist, but how could IE5 get "roundly positive reviews". I have had it for about a week now, and besides the few bells and wistles they added it's not much better then IE4. Actualy in some cases it's worse!!! Despites its claim of speed, I have JavaScript/DHTML code that runs fatser in IE4 then IE5. And they even broke their own DOM by screwing up the way certain elements work and rendering other useless (pixelTop, offsetParent, etc...). I think Microsoft jumped the gun with this release and ended up shooting themselves in the foot.