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Monday April 12th, 1999

The Industry Standard has done a piece on commercial companies and Open Source.

There are a number of factual discrepancies that I believe should be cleared up. The author, Jason Krause, states, "In fact, if you go to Netscape's site and do a search to see who's checked out code in recent months, every one of the e-mail addresses come from a domain." If he really means "checked out", then this is just false. First, how did he get a list of people who have checked out Mozilla code? Second, I have checked out Mozilla code via CVS, and I don't have a email. If he meant "checked in", then this is false as well. There are numerous coders who don't work for Netscape who have checked in new code, and many more who have contributed patches that have been checked in by module owners.

He goes on: "Now, largely because of a confused Netscape road map, the launch is slated for this spring." Well, the roadmap is not confused, and the release is not slated for this spring. Beta is scheduled for July of this year.

Jason had contacted me for information regarding Mozilla's Open Source release. If you are interested in reading my responses, click "Full Article" below.

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by SomeSmartAss <>

Wednesday April 14th, 1999 6:13 AM

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"I hear Sausage is interested in gecko for a future version of HotDog."

While I think this is a tad off topic; (not that its stopped me before) Allaire, the makers of HomeSite, have always stated that, as soon as Netscape was "pluggable", that they would allow developers to use it as their "internal preview" browser. IMHO, most non-microsoft applications that currently embed IE will not only allow the embedding of Mozilla, they will SHIP with gecko, especially since the Gecko Active-X has the same developer hook-ins as the IE one. It makes life simpler for them, as it can be auto configured during install, and doesn't require the fine print terms "requires IE 3.0 or higher" within the list of "features". (Anything that requires IE isn't realy a feature though ;) )

My questions about NeoPlanet, will they allow people to use a layout engine that automatically supports interchangable skins to be used in their browser, which is after all, just interchangable skins for IE?