Nvu 0.30 Released

Monday June 14th, 2004

The latest beta of Nvu, the Web publishing tool based on Mozilla Composer, has been released. Nvu 0.30, which is based on Mozilla 1.7 RC3, adds support for the file:/// protocol, a spellchecker and a tip-of-the-day box as well as a host of other improvements and bug fixes. The new release can be downloaded for Linspire (formerly LindowsOS), other Linux distributions and Windows.

#7 Re: NVu directionality feature

by eyalroz <>

Thursday June 17th, 2004 1:20 AM

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Daniel, let me assure you that a 99.99% majority of BiDi users want to be able to change paragraph direction more than being able to change the direction of a selection. Of course having both would be nice, but paragraph direction is the more basic feature. Selection direction change is only for when the BiDi algorithm does not do exactly what you expect it to (e.g. it prints a space then a comma, instead of a comma then a space, since it relates the space to a segment in English rather than in Hebrew or vice-versa) - then you select your English (or Hebrew) phrase, and put it within a <span style="direction: ltr; unicode-bidi: bidi-override"> , or use RLM/LRM, etc.