Nvu 0.30 Released

Monday June 14th, 2004

The latest beta of Nvu, the Web publishing tool based on Mozilla Composer, has been released. Nvu 0.30, which is based on Mozilla 1.7 RC3, adds support for the file:/// protocol, a spellchecker and a tip-of-the-day box as well as a host of other improvements and bug fixes. The new release can be downloaded for Linspire (formerly LindowsOS), other Linux distributions and Windows.

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by glazou <>

Wednesday June 16th, 2004 1:16 PM

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tsahi : I perfectly understand. I had to make an implementation choice and I decided for 0.30 to work on textual selection only, just like the B and I buttons. This can be quite easily changed in the future, for example if a majority of real BiDi users let me know that's what they want to do. After all, *they* are the users. Please note that the behavior you want is the one I have implemented for class assignment to the selection : if the selection is collapsed, the action applies to the enclosing block; if it's not, it applies to the inline-level selection.