Mozilla Firefox 0.9 Release Candidate Available

Wednesday June 9th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "A testing candidate of Mozilla Firefox 0.9 is now available from There are a couple more bugs we'd like to fix for the 0.9 release but want to get as much feedback on the app in general before we go out. Please download this build and test with it and report any show stopping bugs that you find. We are still looking to do a 0.9 final sometime Monday." Builds can be found on the FTP site.

#46 I agree.

by blocke

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 7:59 AM

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The theme is ugly. It is a serious step backwards and it will be slammed over and over again if this is how it is released. It is not just a case of "a few touch ups and it will be better" its a case of "these icons are so horrible and look so much like Linux themes back in 1999 that it will look like a stone age throw back in my modern desktop environment".

Sorry... I'm sure someone spent quite a bit of time working on these icons but these icons do not feel at home under _any_ operating system or desktop environment. The reload and home buttons alone make me wonder if this the product of someone playing with an SVG tool for the first time. It is not professional at all.

I like the move of "Preferences" to the "Edit" menu but I don't understand how "Themes" can conceptually be under the "Tools" menu. It is not a "tool" its a look preference and should probably be under "Preferences" somewhere.

I also like the fact that the installer now uses gtk+ themed buttons and such though I don't use the installer that often as I prefer RPMs.

Just my opinions...