Mozilla Firefox 0.9 Release Candidate Available

Wednesday June 9th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "A testing candidate of Mozilla Firefox 0.9 is now available from There are a couple more bugs we'd like to fix for the 0.9 release but want to get as much feedback on the app in general before we go out. Please download this build and test with it and report any show stopping bugs that you find. We are still looking to do a 0.9 final sometime Monday." Builds can be found on the FTP site.

#134 Re: Re: Re: FireFox vs Mozilla Suite

by jgraham

Thursday June 10th, 2004 4:58 AM

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Nah, Seamonkey should adopt Qute as the default theme. It would be amusing to watch all the hardcore Firefox fanboys suddenly denounce Qute as outdated or ugly or something.

Seriously, why is anyone surprised at the theme change, or the manner in which it happened? It must surely be pretty obvious to everyone that the firefox team (i.e. Ben) do exactly what they like without regard for anyone else. It's been going on for ages at the code level but apparentley most people only care if it happens with something as blindingly obvious as the default theme. At least with the theme, there has been some warning (the formation of a 'Visual Identity Team' that didn't include Arvid).

On the other hand, Firefox is arguably* the best web browser around. Maybe the code first, absorb crticism later, approach has helped the product improve.

* An argument I don't want to have :)