Mozilla Firefox 0.9 Release Candidate Available

Wednesday June 9th, 2004

Ben Goodger writes: "A testing candidate of Mozilla Firefox 0.9 is now available from There are a couple more bugs we'd like to fix for the 0.9 release but want to get as much feedback on the app in general before we go out. Please download this build and test with it and report any show stopping bugs that you find. We are still looking to do a 0.9 final sometime Monday." Builds can be found on the FTP site.

#126 *Constructive* criticism of new theme

by leafdigital

Thursday June 10th, 2004 2:58 AM

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The theme is definitely not 'wonderful', nor are most of the icons as good as the Qute icons. I'm saying that with my objective-judgement hat on. (Subjectively, personally I like the Mozilla theme better than anything Firefox does... would be nice if somebody did a quality unbroken FF version of that before I finally switch. :)

On the other hand, reading some of the comments here you'd think it was as bad as the many shitty themes available for download... it's not. It's sort of just about ok but needs work. Which, for a 'not yet 0.1' release, is pretty good.

Of the main toolbar icons, here are the ones that I feel need attention:

* Reload icon: kind of ugly, a bit cramped and busy. I think I've seen this icon before and I've never liked it. The Qute reload icon was clear and pretty, but I have to say I really like Mozilla reload icon for neat simplicity... it's not as clear though...

* Download Manager, I presume - looks not much like a download manager or indeed anything else. I suppose maybe it looks a bit like a lift (elevator for you Americans) going down? Or perhaps like a petrol (gas) pump? Hrm.

* Calendar - oh no, wait, it ISN'T a calendar icon. Or is it? Er, is that supposed to be 'History'? Come off it. (Note: Qute was fractionally prettier but just as bad recognition-wise, I guess nobody can think of a good icon for history, which is fair enough because neither can I...)

* Bookmarks - my god, this almost looks like a bookmark! This is an improvement over Qute. I think it needs colour changes though; the mark shape is ok but make it look like a real book.

* Print - this looks like a printer but only if you look carefully. The 3D, angled appearance from Qute was a lot clearer. (That actually might apply to several of the icons; I'm not sure the 'straight-on' approach is going to work out as well in the end, the slight angle Qute used was rther nice.)

* Toaster - while it's nice to control your bread settings within Firefox, I think a 'New Tab' icon might be more useful.

The icons I didn't mention are ok, maybe they could be prettied up, but they're recognisable and don't look awful.

Basically I think, yeah these icons are (objectively) not yet as good as Qute; I think the authors would agree. But there's nothing hugely wrong with anything on a fundamental level and (I wasn't paying attention to whoever was designing it) if it's being put together by good graphic designers then I'm sure the theme can be improved to where Qute is now, and beyond.