Mozilla 1.7 Release Candidate 3 Available

Tuesday June 8th, 2004

dmbtech writes "Mozilla 1.7 RC3 was released today. This is the final-draft-like release for the stable 1.7 milestone. This release is similar to RC2 and RC1 which are released to find any late-breaking bugs. This will probably be the last release candidate before 1.7 final comes out. 1.7 as you might know is replacing the 1.4 as the stable branch, and is being used for the Firefox 1.0 milestone." The Mozilla 1.7 RC 3 Release Notes are available, and downloads can be found on the releases page and the mozilla1.7rc3 directory on

#11 Re: wow! 8 posts only, against 142 from 0.9RC

by mlefevre

Thursday June 10th, 2004 11:15 AM

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And one of the comments here was intended for the FF article.

However, the FF article does have a whole number of comments bitching about the change of theme, along with a selection of reports of serious bugs, and meta discussion of the number of comments (although that's what we have here now too...)

In terms of stuff to talk about, a pre-beta build with a bunch of new features, a new theme, and new bugs is more interesting than a 1.7 RC where nothing much has changed since the beta, except for bug fixes.