Mozilla 1.7 Release Candidate 3 Available

Tuesday June 8th, 2004

dmbtech writes "Mozilla 1.7 RC3 was released today. This is the final-draft-like release for the stable 1.7 milestone. This release is similar to RC2 and RC1 which are released to find any late-breaking bugs. This will probably be the last release candidate before 1.7 final comes out. 1.7 as you might know is replacing the 1.4 as the stable branch, and is being used for the Firefox 1.0 milestone." The Mozilla 1.7 RC 3 Release Notes are available, and downloads can be found on the releases page and the mozilla1.7rc3 directory on

#1 Nice! We are almost there.

by zero0w

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 2:09 AM

The error report of "failed to load" is now gone. Nice release.

To gtk1 Mozilla users (gtk2+xft build not affected I believe), the bug 226758 is still there.

You may see some square boxes instead of apostrophe in articles displayed with MS web fonts.

#2 Official GTK2+XFT builds?

by marcoos

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 3:11 AM

I wonder why the GTK2+XFT builds of Mozilla aren't done by, but are made by contributors (and thus, they're not official). Why can't make the official GTK2 SeaMonkey builds?

GTK1 is obsolete and doesn't look good. Linux SeaMonkey users mostly use the unofficial GTK2 version (from their Linux distro vendor or from the contrib) and nobody uses the GTK1 versions...

#3 Re: Official GTK2+XFT builds?

by zero0w

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 3:45 AM

If you have installed Microsoft corefont, it's pretty nice to browse the web in gtk1 Mozilla _without_ alternating other parts of the X11/fontconfig system in anti-aliased mode.

You can make gtk1 UI look good with the following trick.

How-To: Modifying UI font of gtk1 and gtk2 application

Although I agree GTK-2.x will replace GTK-1.x eventually, there are quite a few applications still using gtk1 widget: such as XMMS, the older version of Grip, and wxWidget 2.4 binding to gtk1 such as Audacity.

#4 Re: Re: Official GTK2+XFT builds?

by Malc

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 5:07 AM

This is like debating whether Coors Lite is better than Budweiser. When placed next to Guinness (i.e. any other UI toolkit) you realise they're both poor.

#5 Re: Re: Re: Official GTK2+XFT builds?

by zero0w

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 5:19 AM

I don't get your point.

I was referring to browsing on the web, and also mentioning the legacy apps need to be supported with gtk1 toolkit.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time browsing and reading online, and I prefer to have a choice in non AA font sometimes. After all, many web sites are designed with MS font in mind.

But it's always possible others would find GTK2+XFT build better with AA font. More choice is better.

#6 Reply

by Dizzle

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 9:29 PM

Does it disturb anybody else that when you click the read mail button it opens up MS Outlook Express? Shouldn't it open up my default mail client which is mozilla mail?

Sad...very sad.

I have a suggestion: Ship with more than one theme. So what the download size is bigger. I'd like to have a few really nice ones to show to people. Oh and this default theme of FF0.9 is embarrasing. I won't bring to anyone's attention 0.9 is out.

#7 Re: Reply

by ChrisI

Wednesday June 9th, 2004 10:21 PM

Was this meant as a comment about the Firefox 0.9 RC announcement?

#10 Reply

by Dizzle

Thursday June 10th, 2004 10:34 AM

Yes. My mistake.

#8 Bug in "current" (1.7b/0.8final) Gecko

by gadeiros

Thursday June 10th, 2004 3:12 AM

I'd like to point to this bug, I just submitted. [] I searched for similar ones, but didn't find one. Sorry, if this is a dupe, which might even be resolved since 1.7b / 0.8 final.

#9 wow! 8 posts only, against 142 from 0.9RC

by kwanbis

Thursday June 10th, 2004 8:16 AM

ff time has come ;)

#11 Re: wow! 8 posts only, against 142 from 0.9RC

by mlefevre

Thursday June 10th, 2004 11:15 AM

And one of the comments here was intended for the FF article.

However, the FF article does have a whole number of comments bitching about the change of theme, along with a selection of reports of serious bugs, and meta discussion of the number of comments (although that's what we have here now too...)

In terms of stuff to talk about, a pre-beta build with a bunch of new features, a new theme, and new bugs is more interesting than a 1.7 RC where nothing much has changed since the beta, except for bug fixes.

#12 Re: wow! 8 posts only, against 142 from 0.9RC

by roseman

Thursday June 10th, 2004 11:51 AM

8 posts of problems only for moz, 142 posts of problems for ff... hrmm, let me see, which seems safer right now...

#13 1.7-rc3 is good.

by roseman

Friday June 11th, 2004 7:22 AM

after installing the earlier 1.7-rc1 release the day it came out, i later found a TON on problems listed here at mozillazine on 1.7-rc1, and luckily had only installed at work, not at home as well, like i normally would have. dozens & dozens of posts on 1.7-rc1; if only i had checked here first i would have stayed with 1.7 beta a while longer...------that was then, this is now; i am VERY happy with 1.7rc3, and had checked after 1 day here, and saw less than a dozen posts. knew it would be safe, since any major headaches would have drawn a lot of fire. looked safe, and it was (at least for me). all the 1.7b & 1.7rc1 & 1.7rc2 bugs i knew of seem to have evaporated :) i know, i know, some people still have some, but for my usage, this is the best i have seen ever in a browser. keep up the good work! as the BugBlog author once wrote ( "as a Mozilla user I say that you are only taking Mozilla away when you pry it from my cold, dead hands." i could not agree more.

#14 Moz 1.7RC3

by Steiner

Monday June 14th, 2004 1:08 AM

Hey, I'm a newbie to this but RC3 is the most stable MOZ 1.7 that I've used. Its faster than 1.6, & gives I.E. a black eye. Come on guys & gals, lets get this milestone finshed, & get to the job at hand, the milestone release of FF 1.0.