MozillaZine Interviews Lead Mozilla Firefox Developer Ben Goodger

Thursday May 27th, 2004

Tom Graham of writes: "Ben Goodger, chief developer of Firefox, has kindly taken the time out of a busy schedule to have a second chat with Development of Firefox, XUL and the future of Firefox all come up with some interesting answers. Read on for an interesting interview, and thanks again to Ben for taking the time."

#9 Not necessarily.

by robdogg

Friday May 28th, 2004 1:23 PM

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>>Yes, it should. I don't know specifically about the XRE plans but operating systems load memory blocks marked as 'code' (read-only) only once, mapping them into the memory space of different processes that may need them. So if the program is loaded from some of the same DLL/EXE files (or Linux, Mac equivalents) as another program, you should save code memory correspondingly.<<

I don't think this is how the OSes work. Memory blocks are never shared (other than core os) just for the reason if one app manages to kill a lib, it doesn't take other apps depending on the lib with it. The memory blocks are marked as code, so that they can be quickly copied should another app need them, negating the need to load the code from the hard drive. Otherwise, Visual Basic 6 programs would take very little memory since most of the stuff in VB is handled by the runtime.