MozillaZine Interviews Lead Mozilla Firefox Developer Ben Goodger

Thursday May 27th, 2004

Tom Graham of writes: "Ben Goodger, chief developer of Firefox, has kindly taken the time out of a busy schedule to have a second chat with Development of Firefox, XUL and the future of Firefox all come up with some interesting answers. Read on for an interesting interview, and thanks again to Ben for taking the time."

#17 Re: [nt] want your favorites--mozilla 1.5a and abo

by EyesOnly

Sunday May 30th, 2004 11:26 AM

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While it's true that we have a similar "download manager"/Net Installer, I was always told that it wasn't encouraged to use it because it often created "buggy" installs. The one time that I downloaded it from the FTP site just to test it that's just exactly what happened to me (I forget the version number) in that it failed to copy a number of files for the upgrade. Perhaps if some time could be placed into that as well it would make upgrading much, much, easier while still working towards reducing the over-all download size. Then upgrading for those people who aren't especially "net savvy" would definitely be a less painful experience. Possibly even more people would seriously consider changing from their current browser (maybe IE?) to our products?

I realise programmers and resources are stretched pretty thin as it is right now. But even if a few good minds could work on such a project I wonder what they could accomplish? If I hadn't have lost my programming experience in an "accident" I would've loved the challenge. Ah well...