MozillaZine Interviews Lead Mozilla Firefox Developer Ben Goodger

Thursday May 27th, 2004

Tom Graham of writes: "Ben Goodger, chief developer of Firefox, has kindly taken the time out of a busy schedule to have a second chat with Development of Firefox, XUL and the future of Firefox all come up with some interesting answers. Read on for an interesting interview, and thanks again to Ben for taking the time."

#1 XUL Runtime Environment

by nicodietrich

Thursday May 27th, 2004 3:37 PM

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From the interview:

"One thing we eventually want to pursue is a "XUL Runtime Environment" that is independent from any particular application front end whereby just the application level components (front ends) can be downloaded. In that instance the browser might be only 2MB if you already have the runtime installed. Thunderbird might be as small as 4MB."

Great! I'm really happy to hear about that, since the increased size is the only disadvantage I see when splitting Seamonkey into Fx, Tb & Nvu. This step also makes it more attractive to create stand-alone applications using the Mozilla platform! (and not having to bind them to a browser or an email client!)

Really great to hear, hope that'll be realized soon (for 2.0? or even earlier?)


ps: Will the SVG engine be part of this XUL-RE or only of the browser? I hope it'll be included in the base system, so it can also be used for stand-alone apps.