eWeek Ponders Significance of Netscape 7.2

Thursday May 27th, 2004

eWeek has a report about the forthcoming release of Netscape 7.2, which is expected to be based on Mozilla 1.7. Featuring comments from former Netscape employee Daniel Glazman, the article discusses how committed AOL is to continuing the development of Netscape and why they might be releasing a new version.

Update: Daniel Glazman has published the full text of his email interview with eWeek.

#3 Re: Netscape 7.2 release

by dn15

Thursday May 27th, 2004 10:23 PM

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Makes sense. They don't have the employees on it to make many changes, but do they really need to? Just make sure their IM and mail addons still work, and swap out a few images and text strings.