eWeek Ponders Significance of Netscape 7.2

Thursday May 27th, 2004

eWeek has a report about the forthcoming release of Netscape 7.2, which is expected to be based on Mozilla 1.7. Featuring comments from former Netscape employee Daniel Glazman, the article discusses how committed AOL is to continuing the development of Netscape and why they might be releasing a new version.

Update: Daniel Glazman has published the full text of his email interview with eWeek.

#2 Netscape 7.2 release

by dmccunney

Thursday May 27th, 2004 4:50 PM

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How much testing is needed?

Netscape's browser is Mozilla Seamonkey with a few proprietary additions, such as support for Netscape mail and AIM. Spinning a new release is probably a largely automated affair, merging the Netscape specific code with the Mozilla codebase and doing a build. The Mozilla codebase is largely debugged and quite stable at this point, and I doubt the code has changed in a manner that would break Netscape's additions.

I agree with Glazman that Netscape doesn't have the engineers available to make major enhancements. The former Netscape developers were either let go or transferred to other development positions within Netscape. I would expect a 7.2 release to be Mozilla 1.7 plus the Netscape tweaks.

Meanwhile, I doubt AOL has made up its mind exactly *what* its strategy is. The decision to spin a new release of the Netscape browser is probably the result of internal debate, with a "It won't really cost us anything, and it won't *hurt* to do it, besides, it helps keep the Netscape name out there. Might as well..." sort of rationale. ______ Dennis