Mozilla Foundation and Opera Software Describe Joint Vision for Web Application Framework

Tuesday May 25th, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation and Opera Software have published a paper outlining their vision for Web applications. The paper, submitted in preparation for next week's W3C Workshop on Web Applications and Compound Documents, describes a device-independent Web application framework based on HTML and backwards-compatible with existing Web content. The two organisations are keen to get parts of this framework in place soon to prevent a single-vendor solution (see Microsoft's position paper) becoming dominant. Co-author Ian "Hixie" Hickson's provides more insight in a recent weblog post on the matter.

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by ndeakin

Wednesday May 26th, 2004 12:15 PM

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> Basically the whole notion of applications running in a browser is obsolete.

Unlikely. Developers are already used to creating applications that run in a browser, even if it doesn't make any sense. For example, applications that require an Windows-only ActiveX control, an IE browser, but then open in a separate window without using the browser UI or even HTML for anything.

> Right now it looks like MS has a four year headstart in creating such a solution. It won't be perfect just vastly better than what is out there today.

MS isn't building an easy to use toolkit for building web applications.

Or do you mean Avalon/XAML? That's a toolkit for building Windows applications. Which is what they've been producing for almost 20 years. But now, they're using XML for describing UI instead of resource files. And you can load content from the Internet. But you can do much of the same things with most other development tools - Java, Flash, Mozilla, etc. Just differently. Avalon doesn't even have anything to do with browsers. What makes MS offering's better for building web applications? In fact, what are you referring to as web applications?

> The future is multimedia userinterfaces

Fortunately the future will always be some time away.

/ Neil