Overview of Minimo from the Project Leaders

Tuesday May 25th, 2004 has an introduction to the Minimo project, written by the project leaders. The report explains the aims of Minimo, describes how the developers have tackled some of the problems associated with browsing the Web on small devices and reveals why they chose to target devices with 64MB of memory. Slashdot has a discussion about the article, which is how we heard about it.

#4 Re: Re: Re: Applicable to Mozilla too?

by bzbarsky

Wednesday May 26th, 2004 4:01 PM

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Minimo is mostly build configuration, yes, as I understand it. A lot of the work I've seen checked in for Minimo has been focusing on things like making it possible to disable XUL support at build time, ifdef out image decoders and protocol handlers on a one-by-one basis, etc.

For zoom, I think we're aiming to fix the use of units in Gecko first (search for "units in Gecko" to find the bug; I don't have the number offhand). Then zoom should be pretty straightforward....