MozillaZine Reviews Mozilla Firefox

Tuesday May 25th, 2004

Several people wrote in to tell us that is running an article introducing users to Mozilla Firefox. The review talks about the simplicity of the user interface and gives lots of praise to features such as tabbed browsing and the Search Bar. However, the author is disappointed by the Download Manager's inability to resume failed downloads without retransferring the entire file. While generally correct, it should be noted that the article contains a few inaccuracies, such as reporting that Firefox will be renamed Mozilla Browser come version 1.0. A second part, focussing on Mozilla Thunderbird, is promised.

#3 Re: inaccuracies

by ozphactor

Wednesday May 26th, 2004 12:27 PM

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Hmm, yeah, they oughta update those pages. Mozilla Browser just sounds so... bland. :P