Full Article Attached 1.0 Branch Created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird

Friday May 21st, 2004

A new branch has been created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. The new branch, forked from the existing 1.7 branch, will be used for all future milestone releases of Firefox and Thunderbird until the 1.0 versions. Read the full article for more details from Benjamin Smedberg.

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by mlefevre

Friday May 21st, 2004 6:31 PM

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With the roadmaps and dates, you have something of a point, but it's just a matter of interpretation. They set optimistic dates and then miss them - is that so much worse than setting pessimistic dates and then being early? The problem is that people take a vague guesstimate of a date and treat it as if it was a deadline. If it was me, I'd take people's expectations into account and allow extra time for things - who's going to complain if something is early?

And with Seamonkey - there isn't really a lot of work going on there. Looking at 1.8alpha1 release notes, the only Seamonkey-specific things I can see there are FTP upload UI (where it's mentioned in the bug that the work is a useful base for other things in future), improved keyboard accessibility in a couple of places, and a confirmation dialog for "close other tabs" - not a huge amount. The other 1.8alpha browser items also apply to Firefox; the "mail" things apply to Thunderbird, and the "under the hood" stuff is also code that's shared.