Full Article Attached 1.0 Branch Created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird

Friday May 21st, 2004

A new branch has been created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. The new branch, forked from the existing 1.7 branch, will be used for all future milestone releases of Firefox and Thunderbird until the 1.0 versions. Read the full article for more details from Benjamin Smedberg.

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by aldo_ <>

Friday May 21st, 2004 5:27 PM

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Well I wouldn't be as extreme as that, but the amount of feature slip and release date slip that goes on in FireFox is phonomenial.

I don't think a release has ever been within 1 month of the release date. Not only that, the project rebrands itself so many times they basically start from scratch with the roadmap.

0.9 was originally scheduled for March/April, now Late may and it's going to slip into Early june.

While I love the project, I don't think they should even bother with roadmaps if they don't stick anywhere close to them.

One final thing: why the hell is work still going on in SeaMonkey? I doubt that is used very much anymore and with it being EOLed soon, there is a stupid amount of work that will more or less be wasted.