Full Article Attached 1.0 Branch Created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird

Friday May 21st, 2004

A new branch has been created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. The new branch, forked from the existing 1.7 branch, will be used for all future milestone releases of Firefox and Thunderbird until the 1.0 versions. Read the full article for more details from Benjamin Smedberg.

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by dmccunney

Sunday May 23rd, 2004 3:46 PM

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"One final thing: why the hell is work still going on in SeaMonkey? I doubt that is used very much anymore and and with it being EOLed soon, there is a stupid amount of work that will more or less be wasted."

Speak for yourself.

I have current versions of Seamonkey, Firefox, and Thunderbird installed. The one I *use* on a daily basis is Seamonkey. Firefox is a nice product, but I prefer the Seamonkey browser to it.

And Seamonkey is the basis for several other products, including Netscape (which does plan to spin a new release off of Seamonkey code), Beonex, and others.

Seamonkey isn't going away any time soon, nor should it. ______ Dennis