Full Article Attached 1.0 Branch Created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird

Friday May 21st, 2004

A new branch has been created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. The new branch, forked from the existing 1.7 branch, will be used for all future milestone releases of Firefox and Thunderbird until the 1.0 versions. Read the full article for more details from Benjamin Smedberg.

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by darnell

Sunday May 23rd, 2004 12:05 PM

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With FireFox it has become a slip counted in months, not weeks ;o) .

Having worked in environments with deadline slippage I would dare to say they are not all happy that this happens. At this point in the browser war game they are only competing against themselves from a development standpoint. They've got the best there is and there is no need to be too aggressive only to find everything can't be done in time. More reasonable milestones would help ensure they can deliver what is planned on time and with a high level of quality.

As Charles Barkley says, "I could be wrong, but I doubt it" :o) .