Full Article Attached 1.0 Branch Created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird

Friday May 21st, 2004

A new branch has been created for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. The new branch, forked from the existing 1.7 branch, will be used for all future milestone releases of Firefox and Thunderbird until the 1.0 versions. Read the full article for more details from Benjamin Smedberg.

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by mlefevre

Sunday May 23rd, 2004 8:39 AM

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It's obvious that the estimates are optimistic, and that they do pile too much stuff in (and then drop things out again as time runs out). They're clearer aware of this, and are happy to work this way.

Just add 2 or 3 weeks on to any predicted dates you see, and be prepared for them to slip further. :)