Downloadable Chrome Spec Updated

Thursday April 8th, 1999

David Hyatt has updated the downloadable chrome spec.

The spec reflects functionality as of M4. Of importance to web application developers is the new information on altering chrome via signed javascript. This could allow for adding and subtracting, disabling and enabling of buttons in the application's toolbar. This can allow the application toolbar too keep in synch with the content in the browser window.

Revisions have been made to the spec, so please check it out.

#8 Re: Downloadable Chrome Spec Updated

by CPT

Thursday April 8th, 1999 10:43 PM

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Yeah, well <BLINK> was open too, and I thought that was a bad idea as well, especially since <DIV> was working it's way through the standards process at the time. "Open" is the opposite of "closed", not "proprietary."

I'm not just bashing Mozilla, I am none too pleased with Microsoft for not compleating their standards support before moving on to other things. And I'm not the only one; check out this webmonkey article: <…1a_page5.html?tw=browsers>

When Mozilla is released, I'll probably be pleased as punch with it, but untill then, I'll remember that Microsoft (of all companies) wore the white hat by supporting CSS in version 3. Although it sucked (especially toward background images) it was closer to the standards than <MULTICOL>.