Mozilla 1.4.2 Released

Monday May 10th, 2004

Thanks to herman for informing us that Mozilla 1.4.2 came out a little over a week ago. This latest release from the 1.4 branch features only bug fixes (no new features) and will be mainly of interest to developers building products from the stable branch. Most end-users will want Mozilla 1.6 or the upcoming Mozilla 1.7.

More information about Mozilla 1.4.2 can be found in the Mozilla 1.4.2 Release Notes, with builds available from the mozilla1.4.2 directory on This likely to be the last release from the 1.4 branch; 1.7 is expected to become the new stable baseline after the release of Mozilla 1.7 final in a few weeks.

#15 Re: Re: New features

by martrootamm

Thursday May 13th, 2004 9:54 AM

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I feel very conservative about upgrades and skipping in-between versions. 1.5.x should be better anyway than 1.4.2, if I am not satisfied with it (although I contend that 1.5.x is an earlier release anyway than 1.4.2, my satisfaction of any software depends on stability). My reasoning is that once there's a new computer, the newest software with the newest major version for it suits well and from then on I would only make minor updates. So that software with more priority would have breathing space in the future.

For example, I use a couple old and slow computers and one of them has Netscape 4.08 and I won't upgrade to more than that in Netscape 4.x terms. AIM is too a 1.6N version that came bundled with Netscape 4.08. IE also remains a 5.01SP2 version with updates. Acrobat Reader 3.02, QuickTime Player, Flash 6 for IE to sometimes view (I blocked in IE to avoid drive-by installation of Flash Player 7) and so on and so forth. Probably the only new titles are Firefox 0.8 and msn messenger 5, which I won't upgrade. For these two titles I've kept everything else the same, save for updates for Windows and IE.

I just *might* take your advice into consideration.