Mozilla 1.4.2 Released

Monday May 10th, 2004

Thanks to herman for informing us that Mozilla 1.4.2 came out a little over a week ago. This latest release from the 1.4 branch features only bug fixes (no new features) and will be mainly of interest to developers building products from the stable branch. Most end-users will want Mozilla 1.6 or the upcoming Mozilla 1.7.

More information about Mozilla 1.4.2 can be found in the Mozilla 1.4.2 Release Notes, with builds available from the mozilla1.4.2 directory on This likely to be the last release from the 1.4 branch; 1.7 is expected to become the new stable baseline after the release of Mozilla 1.7 final in a few weeks.

#11 Release Cycles - one for all?

by Cinquero

Wednesday May 12th, 2004 11:59 AM

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Look at Debian. IMHO their release cycles are awkward. Why does each and every package of the whole distribution need to share its' release cycle with every other package? Why don't they just set the stability rating for each package individually?

I think the Mozilla suite has the same problem. It is just not modular enough. My suggestion is to continue the Mozilla suite in an extremely modular fashion.

Release cycles could and should be set separately for each module. It is nonsense to delay simple add-ons because more complex ones need more evaluation or testing. It is not useful to delay mailclient updates or unimportant changes in the bookmark updates notification algorithms if the GECKO engine is under heavy development and so on.

Another benefit would be that as modules, the program features could be more easily used within other applications since it would require some sort of API specification.

And, possibly, one could install older versions of security critical modules (eg. Javascript implementation?) together with newer versions of the mailclient?