Full Article Attached Innovations from Athena Design and Mozilla

Monday April 5th, 1999

Several readers brought to our attention an interesting project being developed using the Mozilla code. Athena Design, located in San Francisco but with developers throughout the US, has developed an intriguing proof-of-concept for "Dynamic DOM Rewriting". What is DDR? Click "Full Article" below to read an interview we conducted with Athena Design's CTO, David Pollak.

If you feel that DDR is important, contribute to the conversation in the layout newsgroup. Read the article to find out more.

#4 Re:Innovations from Athena Design and Mozilla

by SomeSmartAss <>

Tuesday April 6th, 1999 11:13 AM

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"I am interested in finding a standards-compliant way of doing this type of 'Real-Time HTML' in the browser."

Should be possible with JavaScript and an invisible Layer. First, store any info in the invisible layer through JavaScript variables. Then JavaScript fires off a timed sequence to refresh the layers content (using a CGI program or ColdFusion perhaps). If there are changes, then JavaScript re-aranges things as need be. The trick is to ensure that the Layer reload only contains the bare essentials needed (text only versions of the latest changes) not the whole page again.

Combine this with XUL and your on your way to creating some wack web-apps.

Wouldn't work in older browsers of course, but hey... thats what [CHOOSE Netscape] buttons are for.